New England's gigabit city

US Ignite has selected Burlington as its newest Partner Community, recognizing the city for its research and education networks, vibrant startup culture, and its capacity for citywide gigabit connectivity.

New! BTV Playbook Executive Summary

After a year of work, the Plan BTV Playbook Executive Summary draft is available for viewing and comment.  Over the course of the next few months, this living draft will be finalized, along with a full plan, to guide BTV Ignite efforts during the years to come. Click here to read the Executive Summary draft.

US Ignite + Burlington VT = BTV Ignite

US Ignite is an independent nonprofit dedicated to fostering creation of the next generation of the Internet, sparking new business opportunities and profoundly impacting how Americans work, live, learn and play.

Burlington is an ideal US Ignite community test bed, where cutting-edge applications can be researched, developed, tested, refined, and deployed. More about US Ignite.

BTV Ignite is the name of the Burlington-US Ignite partnership. BTV Ignite encourages public, private and academic institutions to develop next generation internet applications right here in Burlington.

BTV Ignite is dedicated to aligning Burlington’s powerful gigabit infrastructure as a tool, testbed and accelerator for economic, educational and community benefit. 

Infrastructure + Culture

US Ignite partnership is a powerful endorsement of Burlington’s thriving tech culture and its sophisticated municipal infrastructure.


SPEED: BTV Ignite leverages Burlington’s existing infrastructure capabilities that can provide connection speeds 100 times faster than the national average (gigabit Internet connectivity).


SCALE: Burlington has a density of research and education networks, tech-driven businesses, gigabit-wired public schools and libraries, and a growing number of gigabit-connected households.


SPIRIT: Burlington’s citizens (and the surrounding region) have an intense entrepreneurial mindset. BTV Ignite will focus this creative energy toward developing the next generation of the Internet.  

Economy, Education, Community

BTV Ignite offers a local spin on US Ignite’s goals of accelerating U.S. leadership in the adoption of ultra-fast broadband and next-generation applications and networks.

In other cities, partnership with US Ignite has sparked sustainable economic activity. Longer term, applications developed in US Ignite cities (including Burlington) have potential for creating new categories of economic development and wealth.

Click here for a snapshot of potential economic benefits connected to BTV Ignite / US Ignite.

BTV Ignite accelerates education in Burlington’s schools, colleges and universities. These institutions are exploring cutting edge opportunities for teaching, learning, performing original research, and collaborating with other schools and organizations.

Champlain College is providing full Gigabit bandwidth for the students at the college with two gigabit connections. The first gigabit connection is for the students. The second is for the Leahy Center for Digital Investigation, promoting the economic opportunity for the development of digital forensics software and services.

UVM is developing gigpods for campus-based applications, while offering support to local non-profits and institutions.

Burlington High School is now wired with gigabit, and students and teachers are working together on potential uses for the new technology.

US Ignite is focused on developing next generation applications that have transformative public benefit.

BTV Ignite is interested in using ultrafast local networks for immediate public benefit. This includes connecting BHS, ECHO Aquarium and Science Center and Fletcher Free Library with gigabit internet. Other initiatives such as a Local Cloud will be explored medium term. Other Burlington initiatives (such as new Maker Space,) will likely benefit from BTV Ignite’s efforts.

Separate from BTV Ignite, a group called BTV Gig created a report with suggestions for how the Burlington’s community can benefit from gigabit connectivity. Check it out here.

Throughout, BTV Ignite will create deeper relationships between regional and national companies, nonprofits, foundations, universities, colleges, and government.

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